Brittany has always enjoyed being a part of such a large family. With siblings close in age, an irreplaceable bond was created, and continues to strengthen everyday. With the ability to rely on and trust these individuals without even asking, Britt realizes the type of family she was born into is a rarity. Caco was also incomparable. The connection she had with him can never be duplicated.

Their family pets, - with each of their personalities, further fabricates this groups uniqueness.
They have always been pet-people, and that will never change!


Jordan is Brittany’s younger brother; only a year separates them. Naturally as children, Jordan followed Brittany’s every step. He has always admired her abiding strength and audacious spirit. But above all, he has always admired her selflessness. No matter where Brittany was in life, she made sure her siblings were taken care of. 

During this process we did not hesitate when called upon. At the drop of a dime, we united for a common goal. It has not been easy.  But, vulnerability and discomfort has spurred growth, and hardship has brought us closer. 

Caco was a spirited dog who surely loved his mama. Jordan will always remember his sprightly trot and personified voice. He was the source of many laughs, even as a pup. He will truly be missed.

Rest In Peace buddy. 


Isaac has been cool with dogs for as long as they’ve been cool with him. He’s only ever met 1 or 2 dogs he didn’t really F with. He generally prefers being in the company of dogs more than other humans. “Dogs are just much cooler than people.” They were fortunate enough to always have dogs in the family growing up, so they were exposed to different breeds early on. Isaac has a personal affinity to Boston Terriers, because of their look and all around silly characters. They’re also very loving and tend to stay close to their people. His current Boston Terrier thinks he’s a cat. 

Caco was the first poodle Isaac ever met, and he will always have a special place in the family. He consistently provided them with laughs and memorable moments from 2012-2022. Caco was one of the coolest, non-Boston Terrier dogs Isaac has ever known!


Gabriel was born and raised in North Carolina. He knew Caco for 10 years. He is Brittany’s youngest brother and was Caco’s favorite uncle (he likes to say).

The ripples throughout this process were most striking; the ways in which we were all impacted, and how everyone came together without hesitation and with so much sacrifice.
It’s remarkable how dogs embody unconditional love. Gabriel saw that in Caco, and he sees the same in Luna. 


Leshay is a school counselor with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. She graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in school counseling at UNC in Charlotte. 

She is Brittany’s (Caco’s mom) best friend and sister-in-law. She first met Caco early May of 2012 at her college graduation party. Shay had two dogs of her own at the time, Miloh and Lexie. They were a year old when they met Caco. She lost Lexie to Lyme disease in 2017, but still has 11 year old Miloh. All 3 dogs grew up together. Shay has always seen Caco as another one of her fur babies. She will cherish all the wonderful memories with him, and he will forever be missed! 


Julia is the romantic partner of Isaac. She didn’t grow up with dogs or have any of her own; but recently fostered and adopted a Boston Terrier rescue, now a major part of the family. 

She only knew Caco a short time (~3 years), but he made a lasting impression on her during this period. He stood out amongst the other family dogs insofar as his innate ability to make everyone laugh from his actions or mannerisms.  

Caco can still be found doing his signature prance in all our hearts.


Gramma G

Grace is so blessed with such an amazing daughter! The only girl in a family of 4 brothers, she took on the leadership role quite naturally. Britt was always there for them as she was for her beloved Caco.
Growing up was very challenging at times; but the tough times manifested into strong, appreciative individuals.
Grace is extremely proud of her greatest achievement in life – her wonderful children!